Key Experiences


That time I got to diagram the universe.

Early in my career, I worked with an inspiring team of scientists and creatives to design the graphic system for the Griffith Observatory exhibits. I learned the value of collaboration, the effectiveness of simple design, and how the moon controls our planet’s tides (and much more).

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That time I got to say, “We built that.”

Each building has a story – from icons like One World Trade Center to power plants that energize our world. In designing the Let’s Keep Building series, I learned about the complex and innovative world of construction from the experts in the field.

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Identity & Campaigns

That time I got to help keep NYC safe.

New York City’s Emergency Management group launched the Know Your Zone campaign to help people in vulnerable areas stay safe and prepared during hurricane season. The logo I designed is still used in today’s campaigns throughout the city.

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All of the work on this site has been built, printed, programmed, presented, and launched in real life for real clients unless otherwise noted.